The state of mobile future

Insight into how the mobile world may evolve

The growth of mobile and the development of technology is constantly evolving. The latest numbers show that more than 8/10 people are using a mobile device to access the internet (eMarketer). Naturally, this rapid growth creates a lot of information which contribute to the predictions of how mobile will look over the next 12 months.

Open Mobile Media had recently surveyed 500 senior mobile experts working across a range of fields to get the insights on what to expect from mobile and how to approach it. We decided to summarize the most important points to take away from the article. Hopefully it will give you invaluable insight into how the mobile world may evolve in the next 12 months!

Growing prospects

Mobile marketers are by far the most excited, they expect to see growth in mobile payments, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and voice-enable technologies. They see the future of the mobile-product lifecycle in chatbots, cars and virtual reality.

Significant channels for mobile product development

Some of the most significant channels for mobile product development over the next 18 months are mobile web, mobile apps and social networks. These will continue being extremely important as the survey showed the firmly fixed insights on the importance of these channels.

Biggest mobile challenges

There are a number of challenges facing mobile marketers but according to the survey the main ones are creating the right content, context and relevance, process of separating marketing data from other parts of the business and retargeting across different devices. The challenge agencies, publishers and brands all struggle with is producing engaging content and still being relevant to the brand. Mobile marketers find it hard to provide individuals with interesting information that is appropriate to the mobile marketing moment. Content marketing is already dominating the media however, it is not enough to just produce excellent content as all consumers are becoming more mobile-centric, using more and more devices. One of the solutions is creation of the personalized experience. Location, user interfaces and purchase history are all marked as the most important pieces of information that allow marketing experts to achieve a personalized and contextualized mobile customer experience, using data collection and analysis.

Tools and techniques

In the competitive world of mobile marketing industry experts are leveraging big mobile data, cloud computing, open APIs and responsive design to achieve success. Big data and cloud computing have not only transformed business, but it is transforming mobile as well. The combination of open APIs and responsive design, is expected to enable companies to provide richer mobile services for different devices.


These were some of the things mobile experts are seeing the future of mobile in for the next 12 months. As over half of the year has gone, it is time to reflect on the "mobile marketing trends of 2017 to keep an eye on" from the beginning of the year to see if they are still relevant or mobile is taking a turn.


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