TAB's Summer Party

TAB's Summer Party

TAB’s Summer Party is becoming a fun tradition we are all looking forward. The team has travelled from Santa Monica and Bangalore to meet in the Berlin office. Since the last year’s summer party TAB has been taking big steps in the growth and development, and welcoming 7 new team members. It was important for everyone to meet to celebrate the success of the first half and define the goals for the second half of the year.

We were not as lucky with the weather in Berlin this summer but believe it or not it was hot and sunny on the day of our party.  TAB started off by having a nice brunch at the Berlin office and a presentation with the whole team. Then, we all made our way to the Beach Berlin Mitte where we took part in the MountMitte. Many of us were brave to go to the top level! We have to admit it was quite a physical exercise but that did not stop us as we continued to play beach volleyball for a few hours.  All of this hard work was calling for a cold beer and a delicious barbeque which continued into more fun and dancing after.

This Summer Party was enjoyed by everyone at TAB and the proof of that was seen on the happy faces throughout the evening (more pictures here). TAB is proud to say that the company culture is strong and our values are shared across all of the offices. We would like to thank our Executive Assistant for putting together this party and we are excited for more to come!


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