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From the rise of technology like programmatic and virtual reality, to bold new approaches in creative and media, Scale17 has combined these topics in a 1-day conference. Concentrating on today’s innovations and tomorrow’s possibilities in marketing, media and more it guarantees to inspire visionary talks and concrete insights.

With the end of 2017, looking into the future is more relevant than ever for the marketing industry. Mark Garnett and Zita Bereczkei have attended Scale17 and heard from digital brands that are bridging the gap between old methods and the new. Find below the highlights from this event!

Scale 2017 Highlights:

  • Scale17 gives an opportunity to hear real experts with real success in the digital space discuss wider ideas and ideologies. It gave us a great perspective and fresh inspiration within our industry. Some of the speeches to highlight for TAB were:

Corey Ford from Matter. – discussing design thinking in a digital work

Sarah Moriarty from Blinkist – discussing how to make your creatives convert

Claude Ritter from Delivery Hero and Book a Tiger – discussing digital “fitness” in brands

Rob Alderson from WeTransfer – discussing how creativity fits into a data driven world

  • Scale17 had a wider knowledge benefit, as a company that looks to push the boundaries for what’s possible in the digital marketing world it’s important to hear the contemporary opinions of industry leaders who are themselves pushing the boundaries.
  • The speakers and their topics gave TAB a fresh perspective and inspiration to bring back to our own campaigns / thinking. Being part of an industry that evolves on a daily basis it’s really important to stay ahead in all aspects of our business.
  • Scale17 concentrates a lot more on speakers and learning, rather than on pure networking (as some of the other events do), which is very beneficial to be a little different and allow the employees to learn and grow professionally.
  • Mark's biggest take away was from the We Transfer chat on how data and creativity now go hand-in-hand and that the creative professionals of today and tomorrow are data driven.

Scale17 was a fully packed day with a lot of information, but it is an event we will definitely recommend attending if you are in the digital marketing space. Moreover, Scale17 is going to make all of the talks available online on their YouTube channel, so look out for that!


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