The biggest industry games event in the UK

Pocket Gamer Connects London and Gamesforum London are two global mobile games conferences that happen at the end of January. Gamesforum was the first event in 2018 after being rebranded from Mobile Games Forum and Pocket Games Connects was one of its media sponsors. As expected due to cooperation of the two events, many companies came to both PGC and Gamesforum. Keep reading to learn some facts and highlights from both events!

Pocket Gamer Connects London is now the biggest industry games event in the UK with over 2,000 paying delegates, 140 plus speakers, 800 plus companies and 50 plus countries represented. Gamesforum brought together over 600 attendees from across the entire gaming industry – including console and PC. The event hosted 80 speakers on six content tracks across two days.


  • Diverse booth representatives from all around the world with a focus on game-developers, hardware manufacturers, entertainment and education software creators, investors and media.
  • Global connects party provided a relaxed atmosphere. The DJ, photo booth and drinks encouraged casual mingling (“when the lights go down the networking continues­”­)­.
  • PGC’s exclusive networking system provided an easy platform for TAB to coordinate meetings with some of the events key participants.

How TAB benefited:

  • The talks: superstar session talks showcased the biggest names, the brightest minds, where hot topics currently dominating the industry were discussed.
  • The expo area: “A vibrant and exclusive expo area within the conference dedicated to indie developers to show off their very latest games”. 

Articles TAB recommends:



  • Diverse range of speakers and hosts from London Venture Partners, Bossa Studios, IGN, The Guardian, Curve Digital, Bithell Games, Vlambeer, Rebellion, Newzoo and Venturebeat, as well as arranging developer delegations from Games London and Stugan.
  • The Gamesforum after party took place at the end of day 1. With a number of networking games, the event encouraged meeting in a fun casual environment.

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