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PerformanceIN Live is an event with an opportunity not only to learn about new strategies and meet new people within performance marketing, but to source new technology, gain inspiration and more. PI Live in London was a fully-packed 2-day event with 1100 companies attending.

The key themes of the event were very relevant, which included AI & Machine Learning, Affiliate Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Programmatic, Optimization & Retention, Social & Paid Media and Data-driven Marketing. There were many panels and solo presentations on the stage but unlike Scale17 in Berlin, there was a lot of networking. TAB has brought to you our highlights and what this event was really like!

PerformanceIN Live Highlights:

  • One of the key learnings for us was listening to industry experts discuss blockchain and how it could potentially affect our industry.

  • A very impressive lecture on the importance of transparency within the digital advertising world. This was particularly relevant for us as the mobile first agency. The industry faces the ever-increasing threat of ad fraud and what we can do about it.

  • The talks adapted us to a whole new way of thinking, it presented feasible solutions to transparency that can look to benefit not only ourselves but our clients as well.

  • The main benefit came through the extensive networking we were able to do with various different ad networks, it was great to catch up with people we already work with whilst also making some new relationship with what we hope will be future clients.

  • We recomment the speech by Neil Eatson (CEO of Appraise Digital) on “It’s time to hold Agencies accountable for Performance & Transpareny in Ad Tech”.

Team at PerformanceIN Live

PerformanceIN Life raised all of the right topics to discussion about marketing. There is only one thing we hope will be changed next year – a bigger space to fit all of the professionals eager to attend.

See TAB at the Affiliate Conference in Munich next!



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