Mobile Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2017

With each New Year, companies across the globe attempt to predict, and plan for the new industry trends in order to get a leg up on the competition in the hyper-competitive world of mobile marketing. Predicting trends will always be an inexact science, but using the readily available data from the previous year can help you. With that in mind, we have analyzed some of the data available from the past year, and give you our possible trends for 2017.

The Growth Of The Chinese Moblie Market

While the US continues to be to most lucrative and important market for mobile marketing companies, keep an eye out for China to continue their rapid growth across the mobile marketing landscape. According to a report from Zenith Media, China, even in the face of turmoil in the Chinese stock market, the Chinese mobile ad market is showing a rate of growth that’s twice as fast as other global ad market’s, placing China as the 13th-fastest growing ad market of the 81 Zenith Media covers.

Internet and Mobile Advertising continue to grow

According to Zenith Media, internet advertising continues to grow, so much so that by 2018, internet advertising is poised to overtake television as the leader in adspend. Based on that same report, mobile internet advertising will continue to rise, stating “mobile internet advertising’s share of the global ad market will rise from 5.7% in 2014 to 15.0% in 2017”. “Overall, internet advertising will account for 34.0% of global adspend in 2017, slightly behind television’s 35.9 percent,” the report continued.

Ad Blockers on the Rise

According to Adobe, 28 percent of internet users are currently using ad blockers, and as the technology becomes more easily accessible, that number will only continue to rise. This signifies that consumers are tired of seeing advertisements come across their screens. With that in mind, expect more ad companies in 2017 to use native ads and advertorials to more seamlessly integrate their ads in a less intrusive manner.


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