Life at TAB: Zita Bereczkei

Meet Publisher Manager, Zita Bereczkei

As part of our Life at TAB series, in which TAB team members tell you about why they enjoy working at TAB, we would like to introduce you to Publisher Manager, Zita Bereczkei from our Berlin office. The always fashionable Zita, can be found at concerts or exploring new cities in her free time.


Our Q&A With Zita:

Q: What drew you to TAB originally? And how has TAB changed since?

A: I have my background and worked in the tech industry before, so I thought it would be great to mix that with my Marketing degree, especially at a fun start-up like TAB with so much room for growth.


Q: Describe TAB in three words.

A: Innovation, fun, multicultural


Q: What is your favorite part of working at TAB?

A: The atmosphere and good energy in the office. 


Q: Where do you see the future of mobile marketing going, and which role does TAB play in that future?

A: More precise targeting of consumers, increased use of wearable tech, and virtual reality advertising

All of which hold a lot of potential for the future of mobile marketing and for growing start-ups like TAB to get to the next level.


Q: What advice do you have for prospective TAB candidates?

A: Expect a challenging but rewarding experience, be motivated and don’t be afraid to put your ideas and creativity forward.


Q: Before working at TAB what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

A: Ballet dancer at a theater in Budapest


Q: Where is your hometown, and when did you move to (Berlin, Los Angeles, Bangalore?)

A: Born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, lived in the UK and France before moving to Berlin 9 months ago.


Q: What is your favorite place to eat near the office?

A: Yimaz – best kebab place


Q: What kinds of hobbies and interests do you have outside of work? 

A: Dancing, painting, learning new languages


Q: What is your favorite thing to do in (Berlin, Los Angeles, Bangalore?)

A: Berlin is famous for its nightlife, cultural activities and history, however what makes Berlin special you can clearly see when sitting at the bank of Spree on a sunny spring day with some live music and a good crowd of people.