Life at TAB: Ravi Shankar

Meet Senior Agency Business Development Manager, Ravi Shankar

The Life at TAB series continues with Ravi Shankar who works from our Bangalore office as a Senior Agency Business Development Manager. He told us about his interesting journey which makes you see his strong willpower and why he appreciates working in an international team where he can challenge himself.


Our Q&A With Ravi:

QHow did you find yourself working as a Senior Agency Business Development Manager at TAB?

A: I am from the Northern part of India, and have moved to Bangalore to work in the advertising field. Before TAB I was working in a mobile company, which was of a much larger size. I was doing operational work, campaign management, account management, and a lot of analytical work. I felt like I wanted to pursue a career in a position which would allow me to meet and cooperate more with people, and travel. The career ladder at my previous company is a lot slower as in a big company the growth takes a long time. This is when I started exploring my options and connected with Matthias Lesch, who is the founder and CEO of TAB.

I got a very exciting opportunity of working in sales and business development from an office in India. I enjoy approaching clients and push hard to achieve my goals as I concentrate not only on India but also Middle East and Europe.

Q: You have been with TAB for a little over a year now, what are some highlights you would like to share?

A: Yes, I had joined TAB in July 2016. It’s a challenging, yet friendly atmosphere. Working at a startup was a different experience as everyone knows each other, the work is completely transparent and everything is shared – the ups and downs. I appreciate the ability to work with the CEO and the managing director directly. The biggest highlight of working at TAB is seeing how the people who work here are not just doing the job but they are excited and truly interested in achieving the growth. Also, despite working in different countries the communication and time zones are not an obstacle. I definitely see myself continuing working in the advertising field.

Q: Do you have personal career goals you strive to achieve at TAB?

A: Absolutely, I would like to continue developing as a professional and master in sales. There is always a lot to improve and I want to see myself bringing in big international clients.

Q: You have been the first employee opening the office in India, how did that go?

A: It took a lot of courage to leave the old job and go into a new field. I had a lot of responsibility of setting up the office and organizing work from there. I am so glad I did it and throughout my work experience with TAB whenever I need anything, everybody from the team is very responsive, they always reply quickly and support each other.

Q: How is the mobile advertising industry in India?

A: It is very competitive, even in India alone. There are many old and emerging companies, startups. There are many opportunities and people are responsive so I believe as long as TAB is answering the needs and providing a good quality service we will only grow.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to tell about working at TAB?

A: Working at a startup is very agile and mobile. It is important to act fast otherwise the cost of a loss will be high. TAB has an international team which allows you to explore what you are capable of, test yourself and be appreciated. And one more perk of working at TAB is the opportunity to travel and attend different events.


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