Life at TAB: Klara Tomsova


Klara Tomsova is our Office Manager/HR Coordinator in Berlin office. She is going to celebrate her 1 year at TAB next week and we thought it is the perfect time to find out how she ended up in Berlin, how many countries she lived in and how she sees her role at TAB.


Our Q&A With Klara:

Q: What did you do before moving to Berlin and working at TAB?

A: I studied Management of Tourism and Business Administration in International Business, so naturally I worked in different customer service jobs: in hospitality, events management, and even a conference hall in a museum. My special program at University allowed me to travel and live in different countries, I was always required to spend 1 semester at the home University in Czech Republic and 1 semester abroad. This is how I lived in Finland, Canary Islands, Latvia and France.

Q: What made you want to work at TAB?

A: After working mainly in hospitality I wanted to try something new. A position of an office manager is very diverse with varying tasks, always communicative which is exactly what I like. When I came for an interview at TAB all of the team leads and our CEO made me feel very welcomed and appreciated. Also, when I got the offer I was told that I could gain more responsibility and help in other departments. Working in a startup has the perks of being able to grow and learn as much as possible, and it really happened. In 1 year I learnt immensely about how the company works, gained some experience in HR and my role is shaping as I go.

Q: What are some of your tasks in the daily work?

A: I handle booking of events' travels, organization of all the business trips, make sure the office is running smoothly, keep people happy and help with any inquiries, work with German agencies and authorities. Major part of my job is working with HR processes also in TAB's officers around the world, help any HR-related questions for employees, support the finance team, visa applications, take care of the hiring process, onboarding, orientation, contracts, work closely with US office, try to establish the HR processes and organizational processes in Indian and Korean offices.

Q: That is a lot of different tasks! How is the atmosphere in the office in Berlin?

A: It is relaxed and chill. People are excited to come to work and enjoy how the office looks as well as the challenges they face every day. The colleagues are the ones that make the spirit of the office and it is a good team. Everyone at the office has the freedom to work, look and behave how they want. Even though the atmosphere is unofficial, people are concentrated on their work and do their best to achieve the final goal. If you are an open-minded person who is a self-starter, honest and motivated you will definitely fit in.

Q: What are your future plans professionally and personally?

A: Just recently my job position has evolved. I took over the HR hiring platform and new responsibilities, so I am excited to be working with that. I enjoy being the intermediary between the employees and the management. Because of TAB I realized what a good fit HR is for my future career. I would like to continue learning and adjusting to changes as the HR field is very dynamic. Personally, I would like to continue traveling, during my private time and also doing swaps with our international offices.

Q: What are you currently watching on Netflix?

A: Stranger Things, The 100, Colony, Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls and Black Mirror.


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