Life at TAB: Gabriela Lock

Meet Advertiser Account Manager, Gabriela Lock

It is time to introduce you to the next TAB team member Gabriela Lock, as part of our Life at TAB series. She is an Advertiser Account Manager in our Berlin office. Gabriela told us about the interesting jobs she had, her experience at TAB and why she enjoys her gym membership. 


Our Q&A With Gabriela:

QCan you tell us about your background and how did you end up at TAB?

A: My career started in Munich as I graduated from Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich, then it continued in Berlin as I completed my Masters in the Technical University of Berlin. I have worked in several different companies: in PR, recruiting, ecommerce and even as a ticket controller in Munich subway during my studies.

I was working at a similar position as a Junior Account Manager but in web marketing. I used to work there with a colleague who I am also working with at TAB and she mentioned about an opportunity at a mobile advertisement company – TAB. I had found it very interesting and as I was looking for a new challenge I gladly took this possibility.

Q: How has your journey been at TAB?

A: I started working at TAB in October 2016 and since May 2017 got a promotion to an Account Manager. I was able to see how much TAB has grown since then. It was quite difficult at the beginning because I did not have experience in mobile marketing but I got a hang of it and enjoy working in the field. During my previous jobs I always worked within Germany and German partners, now I get to work with international clients from all over the world, different networks and partners.

Q: How would you describe working at TAB?

A: It is an open and friendly working environment where we get the responsibility and decision-making we want. The communication around the globe is my favorite part of working at TAB, not many industries provide this opportunity. I get to attend events and travel around as well as work with people from our different offices in India and USA. All of this in addition to learning and growing in the mobile performance marketing business.

Q: If you met a candidate who wanted to work at TAB, what advice would you give?

A: Working at TAB requires motivation and desire to work in an international team. You need to make a lot of choices and decisions by yourself, with guidance when needed. The environment is challenging but I guarantee we have a lot of fun too.

Q: We have talked a lot about work, but at least every Monday you go to the gym, right? What are your hobbies?

A: Yes, I go to the gym which is offered by TAB to all of the employees and it is amazing. It has a great pool and sauna. The gym is located next to our old office but it is worth to travel there for the relaxing experience. I also like to play different sports and read books. I used to play volleyball and it was nice to remember some skills and play with the team during our team building event last week.

Q: What kind of future do you see for TAB?

A: There are many companies similar to TAB on the market, but I believe TAB offers a high-quality service for the clients, constantly evolving and developing. TAB will grow with the industry and expand.


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