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Meet our summer Publisher Management intern

Our summer Publisher Management intern, Charlène-Sophie Schuy, has told us about her experience at TAB, what kind of work she did, her recommendations to future interns and moving to Berlin!


Our Q&A With Charlène:

Q: Your internship at TAB is almost over, can you tell us how was your experience?

A: TAB has been a great learning experience for me for 2 months. The people were nice, the atmosphere was friendly and the tasks I was performing were interesting and challenging. During my other jobs/internships, I have worked in bigger German companies so it was a new experience for me to intern in a startup. It was very different as it feels that the people are closer to each other and act more as friends. The relationship between the higher management and everyone is easy-going and relaxed, which I have also not seen before. I could explore more of what I would really like to be involved in in the future and what kind of company I can see myself fit in.

Q: What about the work you were doing?

A: I had different tasks throughout my internship and the longer I was there the more responsibility I had gained. It started with the basics and learning about the operations but later was cooperating with TAB’s office in Santa Monica, USA and some clients. Whenever I felt like I wanted to do something else or have an extra task, I could always ask and do different things. Open communication and ability to ask questions gave me an opportunity to learn through the work. The key to having a good internship experience is to have a good mentor. I felt welcomed from the moment I came in and working with professionals who take their job seriously yet enjoy and have fun with it made my journey easier.

The highlight of the internship was also TAB’s Summer Party I got to attend, where all the offices came to the HQ in Berlin. It was a lot of team bonding and getting to know the people. I was surprised to see that we started with going to Berlin Hide Park and did rope climbing, that was definitely very exciting. Also, I enjoyed the lunch breaks when everybody usually gathered around the TV after preparing their food and watched a movie, sometimes we went out for lunch together nearby the office. It helped me to explore Berlin since I am from Frankfurt and I moved here just for 2 months.

Q: What would you tell interns that are thinking for interning at TAB or are looking for an internship?

A: I will advise everyone who is planning or doing an internship to do it longer than 2 months. My university program had only required 2 months but I believe it was not enough. There was potential to learn and perform more as well as get better acquainted with the software, industry and the clients. Otherwise, Berlin is a great city where you will find a lot to do and if you are thinking of moving from somewhere else, don’t let it stop you!

Q: Great tips! What is next in your journey?

A: I am now going back to EBS University of Business and Law in Oestrich-Winkel, participating in EBSpreneurship Forum where I will meet with some TAB team members again as Matthias Lesch is a speaker. In January, I am going to study abroad for exchange in Portugal!


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