How much you should spend on mobile marketing?

4 Tips for a successful paid marketing campaign

Digital media is growing at a fast rate, driven by smartphone app usage which is getting closer to 50% of all digital media time spent, becoming the largest advertising medium (comScore). On average people check their phones 150 times per day, spending 177 minutes using them (Micro-Moments), imagine the size of the target group you can reach. It has become essential to adopt mobile marketing. However, before starting campaigns, one of the first questions is how much you should spend. Here are some of the tips on how to decide on your budget.

  1. Analyze where your audience is present

The secret lays not only in deciding to focus on mobile marketing or not but what platforms to advertise on. Mobile users are already exposed to so much advertisement that most of the time there is a high chance of annoying the audience. The first step in deciding on how much to spend on mobile marketing is making sure your audience is present there. Using Google Analytics will help you get an insight into what devices your audience uses. If your numbers suggest that most of your audience is using mobile, then you should allocate most of your funds there without leaving out the desktop users either. Alternatively, if your audience does not use mobile at all, then you should focus on the right channels to reach it, paying attention to when digital growth reaches your audience too.

  1. Track and optimize

Once you have established whether you should allocate all of your funds to mobile marketing, part of it or none, the next step is to look into the specific channels. Having more followers on Facebook does not mean you should spend more money on Facebook. Start by allocating equal small amounts to all of the platforms, constantly monitoring and adjusting the budgets. The case might be that you have the smallest audience on Twitter but it will be the largest platform to reach more qualified targets. Similarly, some platforms might prove not to be worth the paid content.

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  1. Mobile-friendly content

One of the best ways to reach a larger audience is to make sure all of your marketing channels and efforts are mobile-friendly. This will allow you to reach more of your customers and provide you with good data for analysis and future decisions. You should optimize all of the content on the platforms you are present on for mobile. The visitors will continue following your links and CTAs to other channels, and even if you are not advertising there it is important for them to be able to access it from their mobile.

  1. Avoid ad-blocks

To avoid ad-blocks make sure that your messages are delivered in a way to catch the audience’s attention and proceed in the buyer’s journey. Create a fully customized experience for the people you are trying to reach and engage them in an environment that will not distract but attract them with relevant content and pop-ups.


Marketing can be done without the big budget and if you do spend the money it should be carefully tailored to your audience, product/service, environment and behavioural patterns of your target group. Tracking the engagement of your customers and transitioning to the ways that work best for your industry, constantly optimizing your strategy will help you develop a successful marketing strategy with the right budget allocation.

Source: HubSpot (Online certifications)


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