Gamescom 2017 Highlights from TAB

Key takeaways from Gamescom 2017

The most exciting date in the gaming calendar was once again where it belongs, Cologne, Germany for the 2nd largest gaming event in the world. Gamescom, the trade fair for video games held annually has been growing each year inviting visitors, journalists and exhibitors from different countries. This year it was held on 22-26th of August where many video game developers had attended to show off the new releases and make powerful connections in the industry.

This was the second time for TAB attending Gamescom, this year our Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer, Scott Park, and Associate Advertiser Account Manager, Mark Garnett, have seen “the heart of gaming” and they have a lot to share! The days were packed with the latest gaming trends, new games releases, different graphic technologies and how they translate from console/PC to mobile, dressed up fans, bands and DJs, experts discussing games developments and Final Fantasy 30th anniversary. Below we have included the key points about Gamescom 2017.


Gamescom 2017 highlights:

  • Getting a glimpse at all the new releases that the big game developers have in store for the next 12 months and trying out some of them! It was interesting to see the B2C side and the passion people have for games.
  • Seeing how technology is driving the industry forward and how the hot topics of VR, AR, etc. look like in games development.

Being a global performance-driven media company, TAB has experienced the befits of attending Gamescom and why we will most definitely be attending next year as well!

Gamescom benefits to the attendees:

  • Meeting with key stakeholders and potential partners face-to-face is the key to successful business relationships and Gamescom provides an opportunity to do so.
  • Meeting with existing clients, reinforcing relationships and developing them further, and getting exposed to the wider industry.
  • Being able to play the games, getting a broader understanding of the demographic and what games are going to be the most popular in the near future.

The gaming industry has an immersive culture but seeing it with our own eyes has showed the level of devotion people have for both console and mobile. The excitement and drive of those who wanted to catch a peek of the new updated version of their favorite game was really inspiring!

Gamescom has been also positing many interesting articles which you can find here. Otherwise you can find more pictures from this year’s event on our Facebook page together with more information about TAB and the industry.


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