EBSpreneurship Forum 2017 Highlights

Highlights from Europe’s largest student-organized event

EBSpreneurship Forum is Europe’s largest student-organized event for entrepreneurs, startups and investors. Every autumn, a team of 30 students from EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht, organizes a congress with workshops, panel discussions and speeches of inspiring entrepreneurs, one of which was Matthias Lesch, Founder & CEO of TAB. Each year the audience includes over 500 participants, and over 100 investors and founders.

Are you particularly looking for a chance to build a network, get inspiration or even take a first step to develop your own idea? Then this event might be for you. We have collected TAB’s highlights from EBSpreneurship Forum 2017.


TAB's highlights:

  • Building brand awareness among young professionals, students, investors and founders.

  • Speaker opportunity for Matthias Lesch on "10 Entrepreneurial Success Factors of building a $20m+ business in under 18 months". Seeing the audience taking pictures and asking questions during and after the presentation showed good feedback and interest.
  • Meeting internship seekers through set-up applications and interviews. TAB was pleasantly surprised with the preparation of students from the first year of studies and their professionalism at handling interviews.

  • Investment and cooperation opportunities by meeting other companies, networking with similar minded and industry related professionals.

  • Exhibiting in the "EBSpreneurship Village" among other companies and networking with students.

Matthias Lesch giving a presentation "10 Entrepreneurial Success Factors of building a 20m+ business in under 18 months".


Benefits for students:

  • Diverse industries - companies like TAB, Metro and Daimler.
  • Networking with fellow students, job seekers, companies, investors and founders.
  • Participating in panels, workshops, speeches and one-on-one interviews with companies.
  • "Pitch idea challenge" where students could discuss their idea in front of a jury with a chance of becoming a highlight and winning prizes from the EBSpreneurship Forum.
  • "Hackathon" in cooperation with Merkurist where 45 participants got the chance to present their ideas and visions for the future and compete in Fin-Tec and Media-Tec Challenge.

Enjoying a photo booth with props at the EBSpreneurship Forum 2017 Village.

EBSpreneurship Forum had a friendly atmosphere where students meet possible future opportunities. The students were career-oriented and eager to learn. TAB had a great time discussing our field of work as well as connecting with possible future employees and interns.

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