dmexco 2017 Highlights

Highlights from the sector’s top event of the year

Every year in September comes one of the most exciting events in digital marketing – dmexco. It does not only enable visitors to experience disruptive trends and defines the business potential of tomorrow but it is a combination of a leading trade fair with an extraordinary conference, making itself the sector’s top event of the year!

This year dmexco was had 40 700 visitors, over 1 100 exhibitors and 570+ speakers. It was not the first time for TAB attending this event but we were sure of its value. Matthias Lesch, Founder & CEO, Andrea Möllmann, Director Advertiser Management, and Christopher Künze, Director Publisher Management, have brought to us a lot of valuable information we could not wait to share.

performance night

Andrea Möllmann and Christopher Künze at the Performance Night the night before dmexco.

dmexco 2017 highlights:

  • dmexco has developed a meeting point where visitors can organize meetings with existing clients, make valuable new contacts and acquire new leads. The event has created an opportunity to grasp the newest trends of the industry and talk with people from other focus areas, gaining the maximum amount of knowledge and ideas.
  • Big international conference program with leading thinkers of the digital economy to present and discuss the latest trends and innovations. Some of the speakers included Maike Abel - Head of Media Communication from Nestlé, Kevin Allocca - Global Head of Culture & Trends from Google, Ron Amram - Global Media Lead of Heineken, as well as speakers from BBC World News, Facebook, Amazon, CNN, eBay, Spotify and many more.
  • YouTube continues to be a big topic of discussion with more than billion hours of video content watched every day. This offers advertisers an extensive number of opportunities to reach customers at the right moment with relevant content.
  • Facebook has announced tougher rules on brand safety. Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook's Chief Operating Officer, has talked about the responsibility the social media company has on its monetisation eligibility standards and allowing businesses "more control over where your ads run" before, during and after campaigns.
  • Spotify is going to continue having non-paying users to outnumber the paid subscribers, making around 90 million people receiving ads through the platform. This allows Spotify to gather data to provide advertisers with the targeting based on moods and moments.
  • dmexco starts off every year with a networking event Performance Night party organized by Meta People GmbH which attracts a big audience from the industry to kick off the largest online marketing conference in Europe.


Checking out the newest trends of the industry.

Useful information:

  • “If you’re a little company with few resources, you may be wondering whether big data is something you need to worry about. The answer is: your competitors are using it.” Here is the article about why you should use big data.
  • Interesting to notice that the number of dmexco 2017 exhibitors increased whereas the number of visitors decreased.

Overall, dmexco is one of the busiest events for TAB with a vast number of meetings with new clients in person, building powerful relationships as well as with the old clients and partners. The number of exhibitors and speakers overwhelms with the information and ideas. TAB is excited where the digital marketing is taking the industry and you will definitely meet us next year at dmexco!

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