An offline meeting point for online marketers

An offline meeting point for online marketers, where the elite of affiliate industry gathers to learn from industry leaders and network with the best minds around. TAB has attended Affiliate World Asia before and we were sure to go to Bangkok this year again. There was a lot of talk about it promising to be great for those in the affiliate marketing world and so TAB got a booth as well.

Affiliate World Asia was also live streaming the whole event which made up for those who could not make it. This would have been good to record as due to the busy nature of the event and meetings, the attendees do not have a lot of time to listen to the speakers which were great.


  • The growth of the venue compared to last year was tremendous, holding over 4500 attendees.

  • The keynotes during the event were highly relevant and interesting for the industry.

  • With the size of the event there are a lot of existing and new partners attending to build connections and continue during the networking events after.

  • The booth has provided TAB with the benefits of representing ourselves, but we have to point out the service on the setup was extensive as well as support we have received throughout the preparation.

  • One of the outstanding topics in the keynotes we benefited from was learning about automating processes.

  • Here you can see more information on the exhibitors and speakers.

The entire trip might not guarantee you a lot of rest and sleep but it will guarantee a lot of fun and work. The event for TAB started with the Bangkok Bash, one of the hottest VIP Affiliate Events around Affiliate World Asia in Bangkok. It finished with TAB’s company retreat 2017 in Phuket! Check out our Facebook page for more pictures and information of what the team was up to.

Going into 2018 there are many new and upcoming events which we will attend as well but some of the established ones will stay in our attending lists!


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